I was trained in the Turkish State Opera and Ballet pre-professional youth ballet division but due to a permanent health condition I continued learning classical ballet in local prestigious studios and in private classes with reputable Vaganova teachers. Because I have started ballet when I was 5, I now have 30 years of dance experience! I started teaching dance, ballet and stretching for dancers when I was 15 in high school and continued teaching well into my mid-twenties. After getting a career in scientific project management, I stopped dancing and I returned to the glam life when I was 32 in 2018 with pole dancing.

After getting the hang of it, within 6 months, I joined a pole dance show group for the 2018-2019 season and have gained pole performance experience on stage both through contemporary and sensual choreographies. However I fell victim to careless instruction and lack of building blocks in my pole journey and ended up with severe injuries on my shoulders. I took some months off pole and used that time to get myself in a shoulder rehab program and get certified as a pole and dance instructor. I’m currently certified and licensed to teach pole technique and pole silks (Spin City and Xpert), floorwork and heels (Liquid Motion), and American slow-burn exotic floorwork (Cleo’s Rock N Pole). I also have education and experience in teaching stretching and flexibility classes.

I have started teaching pole and pole choreography classes in the beginning of 2020. Because Finland did not remain in lockdown for too long, I have gotten a lot of experience within this past year teaching students from literally any background, any ethnicity, any gender (or no gender), any shape and size imaginable. As an instructor I’m highly analytical: I break down moves into thorough details and use science to explain kinesiology, force and momentum as I’m a neuroscientist by day. I also make my students laugh a lot!

Well, of course these are not the only things that make me unique as a dance instructor: I also have a Master’s degree on Neuroscience and I am now trying to complete my Neuroscience PhD degree. In my classes I use a lot of techniques derived from brain and behavior science to help you understand and master methods much more efficiently. Hoping to meet you in a class of mine!

Take a look at my qualifications!