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Sevgi, UK

“had never tried pole dance before and I should admit I was hesitant at the beginning. And when I started I wasn’t in a good shape because of a long break of any kind of exercise. But Gokce is a very supportive and fun teacher. She does a proper warm-up and cool-off at the beginning and the end of the classes. She explains even the most complicated poses clearly and gives us modifications/corrections suitable for our bodies. She has a very good taste for music and with changing lights&heels she put all of us in the mood even you had a very bad day. She gives you space to freestyle and support to be creative. She has infinite certificates which would have been appreciated better by advanced students, but even as a starter I could say she’s a master at this and I highly recommend her classes.”

Maggie, UK

“Really good fun class, enough detail to get technique spot on without information overload, very easy to follow and understand. Ace banter 🙂 “