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You buy class tickets from the store: one group class is equal to 1 class ticket. And 1 ticket is valid for EVERY group class on the calendar. Workshops and private classes are purchased separately, and are not a part of the ticket system. All purchases are absolutely secure ad made through PayPal or your credit card.

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You now can book as many classes as the tickets you have – if you book a class without tickets, you won’t get that week’s Zoom link. The Zoom link for workshops and privates will be sent to you personally after you order confirmation.

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Your tickets are valid for 3 months because life tends to get in the way! But I hope you’ll show up every week regularly. =) For the privates and workshops, your cancellation requests will be handled case by case.

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If you have tickets and booked a group class, I will honor the class even if it is only you booking that class that week (unless I myself have an emergency). So it will be a nice little private class for you. In the unlikely event that you absolutely hated my class, you can always ask for a refund.

Freja, Finland

Sky has a very unique style of teaching using body language, metaphors and lots of humour to illustrate all the moves. She has a great eye for giving the right kind of feedback that fits everyones need and she sees every single student in class. She is amazing to change movements and create challenges that fits ones’ individual journey. Would seriously recommend!

Maggie, UK

Really good fun class, enough detail to get technique spot on without information overload, very easy to follow and understand. Ace banter 🙂

Sarah, UK

Very encouraging and supportive. Great instruction and very clear guidance.